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Nelson Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Common Answers to Questions We Hear

We get questions every day from patients and people who are curious about what we do. If you want to know more about chiropractic, that’s why we’re here. On this page, you’ll find some of the questions we get most often. If yours isn’t addressed, give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Once I start chiropractic, will I always have to go?
At our office, you’ll always get choices on how long you want to see us. Since our lives are filled with stress, there’s a good chance it’ll take its toll on your body. That’s why many people choose to have regular chiropractic adjustments. Those that do often find they have more energy, greater vitality and a higher resistance to stress and disease. You’ll receive information about different levels of care and can decide for yourself how long you want to see us for.

Does an adjustment hurt?

No, however sometimes an area that is painful to the touch will very briefly hurt in that way when it is treated. Dr. Nelson uses the Activator®, which is a gentle, light-force instrument. There is no cracking, popping or twisting involved.

Why do you use the Activator?

The Activator allows Dr. Nelson to be specific and gentle. Your adjustments won’t stress or strain you. The Activator can address your full-body needs including your spine and all extremities.

How long will it take to get results?

More than 50% of our patients feel some relief after their very first treatment. The length of time to correct a problem will depend on factors such as your nutrition, living habits and the severity and duration of the problem. You can choose to get rid of your pain, correct the source of your problem or reach the highest levels of health with us. We’ll give you options for your care and you can decide which is right for you depending on your goals.

Can chiropractic cure everything?

No. Chiropractic is not a cure. Instead, it helps your body function at a higher level, which in turn can make an impact on many health-related concerns. There are times when other interventions may be necessary. We encourage you, however, to try our conservative care first.

Why would I have my newborn or child adjusted?

Though young people are flexible and adaptable, they’re far from unbreakable. Kids won’t typically complain of pain like adults do. That makes it essential to get them checked regularly for any potential problems, particularly if there has been a recent injury.
Does insurance cover chiropractic?
Most insurances will assist with the cost of treatment and we are in-network with several of the larger plans. Our office staff is experienced in working with insurance companies and will help you understand the details of your benefits. You’ll have a clear expectation of any costs involved in your care.

Do I need a physician’s referral to see you?

No, in Washington, nearly every insurance plan allows you to see a chiropractor without a referral. The only exception is strict HMO plans like Kaiser HMO.

Do you work with medical professionals?

Yes. Some of the professionals in our network include physical therapists, orthopedists, and sport and spine specialists.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

Typically yes. We get it – you don’t want to wait to start feeling better! We usually adjust you right away on your first visit.

Will you suggest exercises I can do?

In many cases, yes. Exercises serve as a fantastic complement to your care. We’ll discuss which are most appropriate for you.

Can someone who has had back surgery see a chiropractor?

Yes. Our Activator Methods procedures are gentle and precise so that we can carefully work around surgical sites. Many times, people who have had back surgery continue to have further problems. We can work with you to help you through them.

Saturday Visits

Once a month, we have Saturday hours to accommodate people who have a busy schedule during the week. Contact us now to book your appointment!

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