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What people are saying about Nelson Chiropractic

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    I have seen Dr. Nelson on and staff since 2003. It's only been on and off because I moved out of the area for a while. He has helped me through a lot of my back pain. I can actually get out of bed without pain. He's the best chiropractor that I have had. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. If you fear chiropractors' then he's a great guy to go see.

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    Got a recommendation from a colleague and visited Dr. Nelson. So glad I did! I know nothing about chiropractic stuff but really horked my neck and was in pain. He uses an activator to gently make adjustments instead of snapping my neck like Jean-Claude Van Damme. He was able to see me on short notice (the next day!) even though I was a new patient.

    Eugene L
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    Dr. Nelson is awesome. He can figure out which points of my body needs adjusting, and rather than just pushing down on me, he uses a device called an activator. I feel great after my visits!


Why Chiropractic care?

Optimum Health


Are you already symptom free? Do you want to be just as healthy in 5-10 years as you are now? A proper functioning spine and nervous system is critical to good body health. Chiropractic supports that and we can help with other key components such as nutrition and exercise.



Most headaches have their source in the neck. Chiropractic improves neck function and so the body no longer produces a headache.

Neck Pain


Most neck pain is from malfunctioning joints and their associated nerves, muscles, and ligaments. Activator chiropractic care gently but effectively restores the joint function without twisting or cracking of the neck.

Low Back Pain


You’re not alone. 80% of adults have it at some time in their life. Chiropractic helps by restoring function to the joints of the lower back. Then the body no longer needs to call for help (the pain) and you can return to normal activities.

Shoulder/Arm Problems


Everyone thinks of torn ligaments when they think of shoulder and arm issues. Many times this is not the case and the problem is simply malfunctioning joints, ligaments, and muscles. We work with the joints to restore the function and let you get back to your activities.

Knees/Feet/Plantar Fasciitis


Our knees and feet work very hard for us. Yes, you can have tears and sprains but many problems, especially chronic ones, are due to unbalanced or inappropriate movement of the leg joints. We can help this with adjustments, braces, and orthotics.

Why Nelson Chiropractic care?


Dr. Curtis Nelson has been practicing in Redmond Washington since 1988. He has experience with many different conditions, patients, learning styles, and types of care. He is Advance Proficiency Rated in the Activator Method of chiropractic treatment and a certified teacher for Activator in the US and Canada. Activator is gentle and involves no popping, cracking, twisting, or turning of the spine.

Our purpose is derived from the fact that people do not have a clear and correct understanding of how the body works and what leads to good health. We exist to provide clarity on where good health comes from; to help people shift away from unnecessary medical care; to use fewer drugs; and to feel vital, alive, and energized through chiropractic care. We seek to do this through an engaging, personal connection with each patient.

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