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Easter Basket Goodies: Choose This, Not That

Easter BasketIf you celebrate Easter, we bet you’ve been wondering what you’ll fill your family’s baskets with this year.

While candy is usually the go-to for most people, as your partner in health, we wanted to offer a few fun replacement ideas that we think your kids will love while still keeping the Easter fun alive!

Move on from marshmallows. Marshmallow treats are not only high in sugar, but are also full of different colored dyes that can stain teeth, like Yellow 6 and Blue 1. Instead, choose a fun puzzle that you and your child can do together.

Skip the jelly beans. While we know they’re an Easter staple, they don’t do much for your health-after all, they have no fiber, no protein, and no healthy fats. Instead of jelly beans, go with a healthy trail mix that still offers a bit of sweetness in addition to protein-packed nuts.

Add an activity. Especially one that encourages brain development through play, like finger puppets, playdough, clay, and coloring books. These are also things your child can use beyond Easter. Don’t want to spend too much money this Easter? You don’t have to. Check out this easy homemade playdough recipe that can be made with ingredients you likely have around the house.

Make egg hunts fun for older kids. There comes a time when kids just don’t seem to be having as much fun as they used to on holidays. To keep your pre-teens or teens engaged this Easter, add one of their favorite things into the mix-their phone! This QR code-egg hunt is sure to be something they’ll enjoy. Plus, it gets your family up and moving together!

On behalf of Nelson Chiropractic, we’d like to wish all of our patients a very safe and “hoppy” Easter.