Nelson Chiropractic and Wellness

of Redmond

Are you having;

· Headaches/Migraines    · Neck pain     · TMJ       · Whiplash
· Mid-Back Pain    · Low-Back Pain      · Strains and Sprains
· Sciatic Pain       · Leg or Hip Pain      · Frozen shoulder    
· Joint injuries    · Shoulder or Arm Pain   · Knee Pain
· Ankle/Foot Pain   · Plantar Fasciitis   · Wrist/Hand Pain/Carpal Tunnel
· Problem Sleeping    · Asthma     · Dizziness    · Allergies  
· Pain between Shoulder Blades · Tension across Top of Shoulders
· Tingling/Numbness in Arms or Hands    · Tingling/numbness in legs or feet

   Our purpose is to help the Redmond community by offering Chiropractic care as a choice, to encourage your optimal health, and give you the opportunity for full expression of your innate potential.

At Nelson Chiropractic, we specialize in the painless Activator Method of Chiropractic care. Patients really love it because it is very gentle yet effective. We are your  NO popping, cracking, twisting, turning specialists .


We have received a patients choice award for Top Chiropractor in Redmond Washington.

We are centrally located in downtown Redmond near Victor's Coffee and the Columbia bank. Our office is easily accessible from any of the Microsoft buildings in Redmond as well as Redmond Town Center.  

Call us today at 425-867-1119 or click on the link at right for an appointment and be prepared to be amazed by how painless and effective Activator Methods chiropractic care can be.

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What People are saying about Nelson Chiropractic

 Anna S. a few days ago

 I had regular chiropractic adjustments in the past but I didn't like them as I could never relax. I'm happy that I've found Nelson Chiropractic. The activator techniques are not only gentle but also super effective. A few years ago I got acute back pain and had several adjustments by my former regular chiropractor with no relief. I looked for another chiropractor and found Dr. Nelson. After only a couple of his "activator" adjustments, I was free of pain. I'll never go to a regular chiropractor again. The activator method is miraculous in my experience. Dr. Nelson is an excellent practitioner and a great person. I highly recommend this place!

 A month ago

I've tried many medical options for pain and functionality. Dr. Nelson and his team are so far ahead of even the best in terms of actual results that I can't even describe the difference. His no-twist/no-snap/no-pain technique helps you identify the source of the problems and resolving them, rather than just dealing with the symptoms. It makes all the difference and he has advanced training in this area and teaches classes. He knows more than you could ever imagine about how the body works. His team is great too! Cold targeted laser work, in particular, is a miracle in terms of healing old or new injuries. They can actually repair things other practitioners gave you the expectation that you'd just have to live with. I feel like I've been given new legs for example, and I had almost no positive sensation in my feet and legs before. If they rating system allowed it, I'd give Nelson Chiropractic 20 stars. And I know this is not my experience alone or just for my symptoms alone. Your expectations will totally be exceeded. DO THIS.

Virginia 2 months ago

I highly, highly recommend Dr. Nelson as a chiropractor. I went to chiropractors for years and thought the 'snap, crackle and pop,' bone crunching treatment was normal so I endured it. But after I started going to Dr. Nelson, I was amazed how effective his treatment is, with NO pain or discomfort. He is very kind, gentle,  thorough,  pleasant, and handsome, too.!!!!! and his treatments really worked and brought healing to my life.


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